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The more people seek, the more they find that Arabian horses are the answer to many needs.  No matter what language you speak... whether you want to ride the winner...breed the best show yearling...bring a young child into the world of responsibility...invest in something that gives you much more than money in return...or just give yourself the best present there is, the Arabian horse has absolutely no equal. 


Since 1973, Eventide Arabians has been helping people find the answer they are seeking.  Using the blood of Ruminaja Ali, Shaikh Al Badi, The Egyptian Prince, and most recently that of Thee Desperado, and True Colours.   Eventide Arabians has been producing Straight Egyptian Arabian horses of classic type and beauty, delighting the most serious breeders as well as first-time horse families. 


The Arabian horse is timeless.  We count ourselves fortunate to be stewards of this noble breed at this time in history.  We hope we are leaving the Arabian breed better for our efforts. 


Eventide Arabians invites you to learn more.  Whether you are a breeder, a first-horse family, an investor, a school teacher or a sheikh, you will discover that there is no power quite like the attraction of the Arabian horse.

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