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Our Breeding Program



































Our stud dog, Gold Award Darius, was imported from Ukraine 5 years ago.  Both of his parents are international champions.  He has produced some phenomenal puppies for us so far.  Our female Emerald Liberty Blackberry Brandy, also by international champions was imported from Belarus.  She was bred to Darius once so far and they produced beautifully marked, large, healthy puppies. Our other female, Solveig, is the daughter of our Slovenien champion import, BlueOctober A New Day. Both of these girls have produced gorgeous puppies who have gone to wonderful families throughout Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Delaware,

New Jersey, Wash. D.C., Florida and even Michigan.


We import only the finest bloodlines from multi-champion parents. They are all DNA tested and their hips and elbows are normal. They are all negative for Degenerative Myelitis- DM and Von Willebrand's disease. Over the many years that we have been breeding, we have produced dogs with good health and longevity which is always our goal.

We have return families who either still have their original dogs from previous litters and want a companion, or have recently lost their dear friend at the age of 11-12 years old. Our oldest lived to 13 1/2 years.


We give a 2 year guarantee against known genetic illnesses (since we test the parents and they are clear).

We always have more inquiries than we have puppies to go around unfortunately. We never breed more dogs than we can adequately take the best possible care of. Our puppies are born in our home and raised here until they are adopted.  We do not use crates for any of our dogs. All of our dogs have access to the great outdoors including our puppies as soon as they are old enough. 


Visitors and adopting families are always welcome.  We do not take deposits until the puppies are at least 2 weeks old.  We send photos and videos of the puppies as they grow and we Zoom or Skype with families so they can see their 'babies' in real time, especially if they live far away.  We do this as often as the families wish to.


The puppies are wormed regularly and have a vet visit scheduled at 6 weeks old when they have a complete physical exam and receive their first set of shots and a health report card. Adopting families are responsible for future shots and regular worming.  A list of important health due dates goes along with the puppy.


The puppies are started on Purina One Smart Blend Plus Large Breed Puppy Formula.   I have fed this for years and my puppies have thrived on it. I tell everyone that they can switch to another brand slowly but importantly to avoid grain free brands. (See article on our website).


Our puppies are $2,500 with limited registration (meaning they cannot be used for breeding) with a deposit of $500 and the balance due at time of pickup.


Our dogs are all AKC registered, Each litter is registered and the individual puppies are AKC registry eligible.  Families are not required to register their puppies but I give them the option and the paperwork none the less.


We do require that the puppies are spayed or neutered after 12 months of age. We believe that the longer they keep their hormones, the better. Our puppies are not to be used for breeding and we do not do joint ownership.


We have a puppy application on this website that needs to be filled out first for consideration.




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