Sales History

ET Zephyr-Exported to Germany
(Zambuka x Thee Esperanza)
D.O.B. 4/8/12 (Easter morning)
Zephyr has been sold to Mark Kern of Germany - congratulations!
ET Zarina-Exported to Kuwait
(Zambuka x Cocoa Jamila)
D.O.B. 5/28/12
Black Straight Egyptian Filly
Zarina has been sold to Ali Almutairi of Kuwait - Congratulations!
ET Zhivago-Exported to Kuwait
(Zambuka x Cocoa Jamila)
D.O.B. 4/20/13
Black Straight Egyptian Colt
Zhivago has been sold to Ali Almutairi of Kuwait - Congratulations!
Cocoa Jamila
DOB: 2/28/2001
(Al Baraki x Bint Shahsria, by The Minstril)
2001 Straight Egyptian mare who is a stunning 16 hands tall and moves like a power house! She has produced 4 black foals in a row.
One filly has sold to Canada and three have been sold to Kuwait.
Congratulations to Karie Winnop of Washington state
(Zambuka x Cocoa Jamila)
DOB May 2011
Congratulations to Amy Jester!
Thee Crown Royale
(AlBadieh Aswad Emir x Minstril Miss)
(AlBadieh Aswad Emir x Thee Contessa)
Homozygous black beauty.
Congratulations to Ann Dorsett of New Jersey!
Thee Ambrosia
(*AlBadieh Aswad Emir x Thee Contessa)
DOB: 4/12/06
Thee Revelation
(*AlBadieh Aswad Emir x Thee Contessa) Born 4/6/05.
Congratulations to Roxanne Wiebe of Omaha, Nebraska!
Thee Starry Night-Exported to Egypt
(*AlBadieh Aswad Emir x Minstril Miss) 5/10/05
Congratulations to Nasser Moushtaha. Exported to Egypt!
Thee Contessa-Exported to Egypt
(Ibn Layalia x Minstril Miss) '00 Black, S.E./Al Khamsa.
Contessa has been sold to Dr. Amin in Cairo Egypt.
Thee Jubilee-Exported to Bahrain
(Ibn Layalia x Minstril Miss)
1999, Black, Straight Egyptian/Al Khamsa mare.

Congratulations to His Majesty, King of Bahrain - The Royal Arabian Stud!
Thee Samurai
(*AlBadieh Aswad Emir x Minstril Miss), Reg.#0608266. He's a beauty!
Congratulations to Karen Aneiro of Barnhamsville, VA.
ET Tangier
(*AlBadieh Aswad Emir x Thee Jubillee) 5/31/03. Top quality black, S.E./Al Khamsa show colt.
Congratulations to Wanda Kelzenberg in Wisconsin!
Also congratulations on his recent show ring win!
ET Arabella
(*AlBadieh Aswad Emir x BKL FortuneNBlack) 4/23/03.
Absolutely lovely filly. A lot of size and type. Could reach 15.2 hands like her dam. Stretchy with excellent conformation.
Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Debra of Georgia!
ET Dark Angel
(Ibn Layalia x Gabardine) '01 Black filly.
Congratulations to Marlene Ashner of Kansas!
ET Gabriella
(*AlBadieh Aswad Emir x Gabardine) 2002 black/grey filly.
Congratulations to Lynda Wessman of California!
Thee Excalibur
(Ibn Layalia x Bint Khabira ) 5/30/00 Black colt.
Congratulations for Cal's win at the ABU show!
Eventide Tempeset
(Ibn Layalia x Bint Khabira) 5/8/99
Congratulations to Congressional Farms of Maryland!
Thee Dreamweaver
(Ibn Layalia x Minstril Miss)
Congratulations to LeeAnn Ingram of Maryland!
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